Wednesday, March 16, 2011

If Everyone could be so Kind

Dog Stands by Wounded Dog Friend amidst Japans devastation

Thursday, March 10, 2011

Song of Sunrise

I love to listen to morning sunrise. A single tweet starts the show. Then several chirps come alive. Next a short chorus sounds crisp and rare.  Melodies momentum stirs the air.  Next a hoot creates back beat.  Then orchestras arrive. I love to listen to morning sunrise.  

Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Snow Birding

Much has happened in the last month.

We did not find an affordable "workamping" position in the southeast.  Campgrounds offered sites for a small fee plus 30 or more hours per week.  So we took a seasonal job with a cable company in North Carolina.  Its been a bit cooler than we hoped but its been great for the pocketbook. We also found a internet-based position that pays very well.  It equates to being a beta tester for  SOE and URLs. 

We shot down to the Mississippi Gulf coast before starting work.  We fell in love with Oceans Springs, just outside of Biloxi Mississippi.  The town kept it's cottage style after Katrina. The town square has local vendors, craft and art stores.  The train station is active and kept up very well.  A true small town without the tourist atmosphere.

The small cottages got us thinking about building are own wee-home to build for winter use, than travel during the summer.  These are some great sites with good eco-friendly small homes:

Tumbleweed for really tiny:

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

A Child's Fable: Savings

Medical Insurance Saga Continues

Today Mr. Millenson of Forbes asks why people don't care about health insurance?
"Why aren't the Uninsured Protesting in the Streets Like the Egyptians?"

Maybe the uninsured could learn something from Egyptians and the Arab street. At a time when landmark health reform granting most of the uninsured access to medical care for the first time in their lives is being seriously threatened, protests by the uninsured themselves are nowhere to be seen.
Michael Millenson Feb 1 2011

And Factbox states that people will be fined for not buying health insurance
"Basic provisions, timeline for US health law"

2014: People must have health insurance or pay a fine. Penalties for those who do not buy coverage will be phased in and reach $695 by 2016 or 2.5 percent of household income, whichever is greater. Subsidies will be offered to help people buy plans.
Factbox Tue Feb 1, 2011 2:55pm EST

When people see headlines regarding the cost to buy health insurance: 
"Pelosi unveils $894 billion House health care plan"

And the bill is proposed by people that are worth millions 
The Pelosi family has a net worth of nearly $12.5 million as of 2008, largely from investments. In addition to their large portfolio of jointly owned San Francisco Bay Area real estate, the couple also owns a vineyard in St. Helena, California...........

Maybe nobody wants to buy health insurance. Perhaps people would rather pay medical care providers directly rather than fund medical insurance companies. 

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Think Twice Before Attempting to Make Money From Computer

This is me, after a grueling, brain-freezing attempt to load a genealogical database to a host without the benefit of FTP software. Sound Geeky? You bet, if not just plain nasty.  You should be able to buy a computer, a program, click a few buttons and everything magically works.  Don't Be a Fool. Computers are obsolete the minute you buy one.  And those 'easy to use' software claims: Crap, just Crap. I love history and researching, but building software product - phewy -I'd rather use paper and pencil.  I am buying stock in Weyhauser.

Nevertheless, I was able to create a website and I do like it.  Streaming videos and all.

As allows comments are welcome.

Saturday, January 22, 2011

Work and Travel

RV travel is a great way to uncover hidden treasures so often missed at popular tourist destinations: Small towns, great people, unique arts and crafts and great food. Hungry for a real breakfast? State Line diner, Lawrenceburg, Indiana has the best homemade strawberry jam. Love Indiana Jones?  Mountain Lake Campground, Summersville West Virginia is encased in jungle like forests. Trails lead to hidden towering cliffs and moss drenched caves. RV travel gives you the chance to explore.

Exploring for any length of time, takes commitment and planning. For myself, saving and going debt free first was essential.  Working while traveling has been an added boost.  Working, via, has given me the chance to get to know the local culture and climate. It's one thing to be a guest or tourist. But to work within a culture adds a flavor that can't be beat.

So I've included a video about working and traveling on minimum wage that's worth a view. Enjoy.

Sunday, January 16, 2011

Reasonable Health Care

 A lot of friends ask us: what about health insurance? The question always confused me.  It used to be health insurance was just a backup plan for emergencies only, not routine visits.  No one worked just to get health insurance benefits. But here is how and why we bought a catastrophic plan:

How we did it
  • Ruled out Cobra: to expensive
  • Went to to review plans (great site)
  • Reviewed family health history: no chronic disease and most live into 80's or 90's
  • Reviewed personal health: no chronic disease or doctor visits except minor bruises
  • Chose high deductible, 80/20 coverage. Had saving plan to cover deductible.
Why we did it

We wanted health insurance that would protect assets in the event of major illness.  We chose not to have doctor visits since there is no history chronic illness.  Why pay an insurance company $700 a month for the benefit of a $20 co-pay that's never used? We take the savings on the premium and bank it to cover the deductible.  I am a huge believer in "save for emergencies".  

catastrophic health insurance

Used to be that catastrophic insurance was the norm and doctor visits were reasonable.  This changed when HMO's added office visits to insurance coverage.  Office visits got real pricey as they piled on lots of tests.  Once a doctor charged $350 for a ten-minute visit for a stomach ache. Ouch.  Well, things are changing.  I found a real doctor, not assistant, that took cash and never blinked about my high-deductible catastrophic insurance. The examine, tests and drugs costs less than $85.  I got a 20% discount for paying cash rather than billing insurance. Nice that doctors take cash again. Things are changing.

Here's a link to basic old fashion ways of saving

Friday, January 14, 2011

Learning to Blog

I am learning to blog.  It's confusing.  As I understand it, first you pick a site: or Then register your email. Next pick a template. That's the fun part. It's like coloring in a coloring book.  Next, write the article in the space provided for a post. Before you hit the publish button add some links. These link people to books or products or stuff you really like. Last you can select some ads for products. This is called affiliate marketing. Then click the Publish button

Squidoo is a fun little site.  If you have a book that you really like it is easy to make a direct link. I like Blooger more because it's easier to be selective about your links and ad content.  Plus it has more custom design capabilities.  I love to color.
Finance 101: the big three

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Daily Ideas: keeping them organized in one spot

I decided to create a Daily Ideas blog.  I write daily about the stock market, economics, genealogy, RV travel and gardening. All my fun stuff.  Rather than trying to fit these ideas into my family history website, or Squidoo, I will use this blog to write down all my "stuff" that I come up with.  Should be a great mix of a lot of different stuff.  And help me organize my ADHD brain!